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Traveling Points Redemption
For Economically Dream Holiday During This Summer! Now, you can buy the Traveling Points for future travels.

When you become a "Comfy Travel Fan", you will be automatically an owner of Dream Holiday Saving Account. In this saving account, you will accumulate "Traveling Points". Each superimposing photo cum lucky draw entry, you will earn a "Traveling Point". With these accumulated Traveling Points, you are able to be qualified in "Dream Holiday Redemption" Scheme. With the scheme, you are able to enjoy the lowest expenses for a "Dream Holiday" because when you redeem your Traveling Points for a dream holiday, it would be much economical because you can buy a big lum sum of Traveling Points at a discounted price when SoLemMi advertise. Of course, you have a lot of chances to win a lucky draw award for a dream holiday due to our frequent and abundant number of awards per Luck Draw Incident or Contest.

Clear Instruction and Easy Steps

We have clear instruction and easy steps for you to become a happy "Comfy Travel Fan", an Independent Photographer or an Independent Tour Guide. You can become all roles if you are keen and work on these. Of course, we are providing job opportunities for those people who like to travel and at the same time to earn a living.


We only wish to recruit those certified Tour Guides. Ministry of Tourism in every country give the authority to registered and certified institutions to train and certify Tour Guides.

Participate In Dream Holiday Destination Statistic Prediction

What we doOur Facilities

"Comfy Travel Fans" Database

We have a list of "Comfy Travel Fans" who have superimposed photos and enroll to lucky draw entries. They are the people who have taken the action to open at least one Dream Holiday Saving Account.

Registered Independent Photographers Database

A list of professional, leisure or unexperienced photographers who have a smart phone or a camera. These photographers can earn a living and they are the key people to increase the number of "Comfy Travel Fans".

Registered Independent Travel Guides Database

All qualify Travel Guides who have passed the examination and to be recognized by the Ministry of Tourism from all countries, they can work as a part-time or full time registered Travel Guides to serve our "Comfy Travel Fans" when they are awarded a Lucky Draw Winning or Travel Points Redemption Trip.

Dream Holiday Planners & Advisors Database

These people are our full time employees who will bring the excitement of all Dream Holidays to "Comfy Travel Fans".

Dream Holiday Guarantee Policy

SoLemMi适旅迷 guarantees all world citizens can be awarded One Life Time Dream Holiday within 5 years.

Research & Development

Superimposing Photos Technology Research & Development Team will ensure that you have the continuously excitements and being happy about our superimposing technology applied on Desktop or Mobile Apps (Application).

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