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to Become An Independent Photographer or An Independent Tour Guide

We wish to recruit more independent photographers and tour guides to stand-by our big mission to bring all the world citizens to international level by having the opportunities to see the world in different perspective economically. We wish that the independent photographers can move around in any countries to look for potential "Comfy Travel Fans" meaning to ensure that they open at least 1 Dream Holiday Saving Account. Our solution aim to give all world citizens an equal opportunity to dream and work on their holiday or traveling trip expenses economically. Besides, we also encourage those people who like to travel and mix with all levels of individuals to work as an independent Tour Guide. These two opportunities are side incomes and they might be your main stream of income one day. The selected individuals must pass the interview session and mock tour guide procedures or training.

Easy Registration

You may register your interest to us through our website and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Just key in your name, your phone number, your email and your interest on what you want to be, either an independent photographer or an independent tour guide.

High Quality Recruitment Drive and International Working Environment

Our recruitment standard is our highest quality with international standard. You are able to work in a multi-national company like us. Our commitments to our working partners and employees are well planned with an international recognized standard.

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